Philosophy Of Care

New Beginnings Behavioral Health is committed to the care of our clients.  We aspire to offer high quality, affordable treatment to all those in need. Our focus is on the uniqueness of each person as an individual.  We believe in treating the whole person and our philosophy of wellness focuses on instilling hope and restoring health in individuals struggling with life issues. In keeping with our commitment to care and philosophy of wellness we employ only highly trained professionals who are committed to our philosophy of providing quality care to all those in need.

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What to Expect During Therapy

Therapy sessions typically last 50 minutes. Your therapist may take notes during your sessions. Typically, out therapists take several notes during the beginning of your work together, and then take fewer notes as your work together progresses and they know more about you. If you ever have any questions about the notes, your therapist would be happy to discuss this with you in therapy. You have the right to review the notes if you wish. If you choose to do so, we ask that you review them together with your therapist so that he/she can answer any questions you might have. You may find it useful to take your own notes during therapy and also to take notes outside the office. hallu forte коректор


The Risks and Benefits of Therapy




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As with any powerful treatment, there are some risks as well as many benefits with therapy. You should think about both when making any treatment decisions. In therapy, there is a risk that patients may:


What to Expect from My Relationship with My Therapist

As a professional, your therapist will use his or her best knowledge and skills to help you. This includes following the standards of the professional organizations they are a part of (the American Psychological Association (APA), the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and the American Counseling Association (ACA)) In your best interests, the APA, ACA, and the NASW put limits on the relationship between therapist and client, and your therapist will abide by these. Let us explain these limits so you will not think they are personal responses to you.